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Determining the Grade of Your Solventless Hash

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Solventless hash is arguably one of the purest extracts currently on the market. It’s often regarded as the highest quality method of extraction because dry-sift and ice water hash do not use solvents, hence ‘Solvent-less’.

Without solvents, the remaining product after an extraction is free of butane, propane and other extraction gases, so you’re left with pure cannabis. However, these methods also make it more difficult to separate some plant matter from the desired trichomes packed with terpenes and cannabinoids.

It’s important to choose high quality solventless to ensure the best product. But how do you do that?

Here are some suggestions to help you narrow down your options:

What strain is it?

Some strains are better for making solventless hash than others. Some believe that citrus strains typically produce a drier resin, while organically treated plants have a tendency to produce better hash than conventional treatments.

What does it look like?

A high quality extraction of solventless hash will have a lightly colored, powdery composition. It can darken and flatten a bit, but should still be relatively light without dark spots or flower flecks. Live rosin appears buddery in texture, and we’ve recently seen a full spectrum solventless, which looks like the classic crystals and sauce that have grown in popularity.

What does it smell like?

The hash should smell like the flower buds from which it came. With a higher count of terpenes, the quality processing and flower grade should keep the taste strong, too.

What is a Micron or LPI?

LPI means “lines per inch” and denotes the size of the holes in the sift bags. Different strains have different sizes of terpene heads and need different LPIs. Full melt can typically range anywhere from 120-200 LPI.

Dry Sift & Ice Water Hash:

1) Dry Sift Kief is most commonly found in the bottom of your grinder, or stuck to the edges of your cannabis container. It does not melt, but will burn like flower, so enjoy it on your bowl or in a joint! Ice Water Cooking Grade Hash is typically used to make edibles.

2) Dry Sift – Half Melt Dry Sift & Ice Water Hash is part kief flower and part isolated trichome and is not typically recommended to dab on a nail, as it will char.

3) Full Melt Dry Sift & Ice Hash is completely trichome heads and will fully dissolve on a nail. It is much more expensive and hard to find, but the flavor is unbeatable.

If all else fails, always ask one of Standing Akimbo’s budtenders for their recommendation as the industry is constantly changing and producing new extracts!

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