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How to Gauge Your Edible Intake

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When was the last time you purchased an edible at a dispensary?

For some it might be “yesterday” but for others it might be “never.” So maybe you’re looking to try something new, outside of your own kitchen…

In the state of Colorado, a ‘Standard Dose’ is 10mg, but what does that mean in comparison to flower? Why can one person take 75mg and feel great, while a second person can take 15mg and be overwhelmed? There is currently no scientific equation that can calculate exactly how much is your perfect amount.

So, where do you start?

Everyone can react differently to consuming cannabis, so here are a few things to take into consideration when exploring your numerous edible options:

  1. How frequently do you use cannabis in any form?
    Smoking and eating marijuana create different chemical reactions, but the effects of the edible could affect a new experimenter more than a consistent user.

  1. What type of edible are you about to consume?

    This is a tincture, dissolvable, mint, capsule, or anything that does not have an oil base that needs to be broken down by the liver. Most absorption is in the mouth and moves into the blood stream, meaning it could potentially offer a quicker high.
    Liquids & Oils

    A close second to sublingual is oil-based tinctures and drinks, as the sugar and oils do metabolize through digestion with the liver. Theoretically, they may take longer to reach full effect than sublingual, but should take less time than solids.

    This category includes cookies, brownies, gummies, chocolate, and anything else that requires you to chew & digest thoroughly. It must be broken down to release full effects.

  1. What have you eaten/drank today?
    Eating before might help slow the effects of consumption, while alcohol may increase THC absorption rates.

  2. What type of metabolism do you have?
    Each body is different and metabolism varies tremendously. Some bodies may metabolize quickly and efficiently, others might take some time, and even others may completely metabolize everything without any effects of the edible being felt at all!

  3. Sativa vs Indica Edibles
    Many edibles are hybrids and do not denote differences of sativa or hybrid strains; however, knowing the difference between the various edible options could offer a more curated experience. Sativa has a tendency to be more active, while Indica usually offers a heavier body high. If you have any questions regarding edible blends, one of Standing Akimbo’s friendly budtenders is happy to help!

With so many variants, it is hard to get exact numbers on times and dosages. A good rule of thumb is to ride on the side of caution when trying new edibles. Use the state dosage of 10mg as a guideline and only take half if you’re at all concerned, find a cozy spot, and give yourself ample time to feel the effects, between 30min-2hrs to reach your peak.

If you eat too much, you’re not going to die… but you could be uncomfortably high for a few hours. Hopefully this sheds some light when making your next edible decision!

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