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Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

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There are so many strains out there that it can be overwhelming! Fromdiesel’s to kush’s to everything in between, finding the right strain for you can often be a laborious process. This guide will help lead you in the right direction when it comes to citrus-flavored cannabis strains.

This one caught our attention because of the amazing profile of aromas associated with it. With typical citrus scents like orange and lemon, these strains even take it further. AO grasps onto slight woody notes, giving it a smell profile similar to a whiskey sour cocktail.

This strain not only produces a great aroma but is also heavy yielding with very dense buds. The yield is about 50/50 of Sativa/Indica with it typically being a little more Sativa-heavy. The high is borderline trippy and it gives off great orange aromas. A unique part of Agent Orange is the pain relief properties combined with health properties. This great high meets the needs of large groups of people as it relieves pain and relaxes and comforts.


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