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Viola Brands expands with Allen Iverson

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More states than ever have legalized (or are in the process of legalizing) recreational and medicinal cannabis. However, the federal government and about a dozen states still consider cannabis possession a crime that often warrants jail time.

Advocates for cannabis legalization also want prisoners–especially POC–who have been convicted of cannabis possession to be as free as the individuals who legally use, possess and even sell cannabis. It makes no sense that someone in one state can sell recreational cannabis without legal ramifications, while a Black man in another state gets thrown in jail for possessing less than 10 oz of marijuana.

Leading the fight for federal legalization of cannabis and actively increasing minority ownership of cannabis stores, Viola Brands has teamed up with one of the greatest basketball players of all time–Allen Ezail Iverson.

An 11-time professional basketball All-Star and winner of the NBA All-Star MVP award in 2005 and 2001, Iverson has a lot in common with Al Harrington, the owner of Viola Brands. They’re both NBA legends!

Iverson says he’s been approached by many people regarding business opportunities, but says he views Harrington’s request as unique and worthy. “Al is totally dedicated to Viola Brands. He’s educated me on the benefits of cannabis and I feel it’s time to help him change the game”.

What to Expect from the Iverson-Viola Brands Partnership

Iverson and Harrington plan to emphasize the racial disparity existing in the cannabis industry as well as the need for cannabis legislation reform on the state and federal level.They will also roll out an exclusive variety of non-cannabis and cannabis products featuring new cannabis strains. For example, California residents will be the first to enjoy exceptional products from the Iverson Collection and a series of different cannabis strains available from Viola-operated markets.

Harrington equates this partnership with the way Allen has positively influenced POC culture. “I’m honored to have Allen Iverson on board with Viola Brands. We won’t stop pushing boundaries. We intend to keep inspiring and encouraging everyone, especially POC, to take an active role in the cannabis space”.

Iverson and Harrington are also teaming up to educate and promote rePlay, a wellness CBD company owned by Harrington.

More About Viola Brands

One of the few Black-owned licensed wholesalers and producers of premium cannabis products in the world, Viola Brands materialized after Harrington’s grandmother began suffering from diabetes and glaucoma. When medications failed to relieve her symptoms, Harrington started investigating cannabis remedies to relieve her symptoms. After watching his grandmother’s health dramatically improve by using cannabis, he felt compelled to start Viola Brands.

Today, Viola Brands utilizes state-of-the-art technology combined with proprietary processes for optimizing each stage of cannabis cultivation and extraction. In addition to providing superior butane and flower extracts, Viola Brands is firmly committed to creating entrepreneurial opportunities for minority communities throughout the U.S.

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