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Colorado BrewMaster Creates Cannabis Drink

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When you think of enjoying cannabis, smoking is probably the first thing that comes to mind, followed by edibles. Do you even think about drinking cannabis? Does anyone?

Denver native Dr. Keith Villa has set out to change the way we imbibe cannabis, aiming to create a drink. The idea is to forego the harsh coughing and potential lung damage that smoking causes. Though he started out as a pediatrician, he earned his Ph.D as a brewmaster as well, and has worked for Coors for over 30 years.

With credentials like these, it’s no wonder that people are listening to Dr. Villa’s innovative new method for enjoying cannabis. But how does a cannabis drink hold up?

How does a cannabis drink work?


Dr. Villa created the hugely popular Blue Moon beer while he worked at Coors, so he knows a thing or two about brewing delicious drinks. Being a doctor, his concerns over the health effects of smoking are what drove him to infuse THC into beer. In 2018, he launched his beer, Ceria, infused with 5mg of THC per bottle.

Ceria is a Belgian white ale, but it’s got 0 alcohol content – the beer is a delicious vessel for the THC inside. He also created Indiewave, another non-alcoholic beer – IPA this time – that has 10mg of both THC and CBD. As with edibles, you can enjoy the effects of cannabis without smoking it, and this is the entire goal of Dr. Villa’s company.

Why make a cannabis brew?


Obviously, Keith’s pedigree is in beer – he loves it, calling it “America’s favorite adult beverage” – so it’s only natural he’d like to combine it with cannabis. It was his first encounter with cannabis, which caused a harsh coughing fit that got him thinking about a better way to partake.

His reasons for infusing THC into his brews are fairly simple and logical:

  • Drinking beer is ultimately more socially acceptable at this point than smoking. He explains further that you can’t toast at events with edibles, either. Beer just makes more sense in that regard.

  • Additionally, people with asthma and other respiratory conditions don’t want to be around someone who is smoking. Other people might not want the smell of cannabis smoke on their clothes after hanging out with their friends.

  • Finally, the biggest push recently has been the COVID-19 pandemic, where lung function has taken a front seat in medicine. Smoking is a real liability right now, and Dr. Villa sees his beer as a way to enjoy cannabis without risking your lungs.

The future of cannabeer


Dr. Villa isn’t just keen on selling his beers, though he does – CERIA and Indiewave are available at over 100 dispensaries in Colorado alone. He’s written a book about home brewing and infusing your beer with THC. It’s his mission to help people enjoy two of his favorite things – cannabis and beer.

Edibles are still more accessible and preferred by those who don’t like the taste of beer (or who just prefer a treat instead), but canna beer is catching on. If you love the benefits of CBD, the sensations of THC, and the taste of beer, then we highly recommend you check out CERIA or Indiawave today.

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