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Top Costumes for HalloWEED 2020  

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Realistically, you can be anything you want for Halloween and still smoke weed. But what if you incorporated weed into your costume for the full effect—come on, we know you’ve though of it? We’ve pulled out our creative sides at Standing Akimbo and compiled our list of top stoner, 420-friendly costume recommendations for men, women, and couples. Also—if you come into the shop in your HalloWEED costume on 10/31, weʼll give you either a $.01 preroll or edible!

Stoner Costumes for Guys

The Dude/Captain ZigZag

Call him what you like, but you can’t be a serious cannabis enthusiast and not know who the Zig-Zag Man is. This guy has grown to be a trademark icon among dedicated stoners, and his look is not hard to mimic. Dark hair, a beard, a hat, and a joint.


The genetically engineered towel who wandered away after getting stoned—South Park’s Towelie is the perfect HalloWEED costume, and this costume can be totally DIYed. Here’s a good tutorial, but basically all you need is a light blue blanket folded in half and sewn up like a pillowcase and a few accessories.

Stoner Costumes for Girls

THC Cheerleader

One, two, three, four … show them what you’re rooting for with a THC cheerleader costume! Obviously, you could go in all kinds of directions with this one if you want to pull together your own costume: rasta-colored pom-poms, a green cheerleader outfit, pot-leaf appliques. But, Dolls Kill also has a THC cheerleader costume ready to go.


Troop 420 Girl Scout Pot Brownie

Talk about 420 friendly! Button up and get your inner girl scout ready for some tricky treats. As a member of Troop 420, you are obviously going to have pot brownies for sale because you have made a commitment to being the best stoner girl you can be.

DIY Costumes for All Stoners


The Pothead

Become a literal pothead for a night and deliver a ton of laughs. All you need for this ganja getup is a clear trash “baggie” of fake greens, some tape or glue, and a headband. Pair your pothead self with some hippy-fied tie-dye and some stoner glasses and you’re good to go.

The Biggest J of All

You can buy a serious joint costume on Amazon, but this look is easy enough to make with some black clothing, a large sheet of white felt fabric, and some “green” for the top and bottom of the roll. Roll yourself up, cut out a face hole, and “seal” the joint down your bag with safety pins or stitches if you can sew. Use some hot glue to attach some greenery on the top and bottom of the roll. Viola—you’re perfectly (not literally) LIT!

Partner Stoner Costumes

Partnering up with a fellow stoner for Halloween? Great, because you don’t have to go far to find some mary-jane-inspired costumes for partners, couples, and stoner buddies alike. All these are easy as DIY costumes by pulling together a few key elements. A few partner costumes to consider in lieu of your weedy plans include:

Show Off Your Weed-Inspired Costume for a Treat—No Tricks Here!

Feeling creative, feeling inspired? Let us know what other fun HalloWEED costumes you have in mind, or come by and show us on Halloween for a real sweet treat. Stop by Standing Akimbo in Denver decked out in your weed costume on Halloween to get $.01 pre-rolls and edibles. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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