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Cannabis & Music – Albums To Elevate Your High

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There’s no doubt that cannabis has had a huge impact on the music industry. While some artists like Willie Nelson or the Beatles have been less-than-discrete about their love for the bud, others allow it to enhance their creativity without hammering it into their lyrics. Regardless, with the extreme stress and constant pace of modern life, sometimes it’s just amazing to sit and listen to music while enjoying cannabis, relaxing, and simply being in the moment.

Here are our top 10 albums to enjoy with cannabis consumption.

The Chronic – 1992, by Dr. Dre
Sprinkled with lyrics from Snoop Dogg himself, and with some of the chunkiest beats ever in rap, The Chronic is a godfather of an album. There’s no discretion here – Dre is not shy about his love for cannabis and it’s laced throughout this perfect monument to the genre. While there are some jarring elements, overall the whole thing flows and vibes well, and you can lose yourself in the entirety of this classic.

Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager – 2010, by Kid Cudi
Cudi isn’t shy about his use of cannabis – he loves it and writes about it in many songs. It’s a creative muse but also something he simply enjoys and so naturally it’s a focal point of his art. This album in particular contains the anthem Marijuana, which if you can guess, is about cannabis. Overall the album ranges from dreamy and jammy, to uptempo and energizing, but it’s perfect for when you simply want to relax with some bud and chill.

Soul Revolution – 1971, by Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley is the poster-child for cannabis use – you’ve probably seen or owned one of the thousands of posters with his smiling, happy face and a billion cannabis leaves on it. The man loved the bud, and it did nothing but make him a better musician and a calm, wonderful person. This album is full of happy beats and feelgood melodies that are perfect for a lazy afternoon, relaxing in the grass with some bud and a smile on your face.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – 2002, by The Flaming Lips
There’s no doubt that the Flaming Lips use creativity enhancers – they’ve never been shy about it – but this particular album blooms and swells and makes you feel amazing. It’s only natural to want to enjoy their most accessible work while using cannabis, with both the bud and the music building on each other, flourishing with the song “Do You Realize”. It’s an utterly incredible experience and one you won’t forget.

Rainbows – 2013, by Radiohead
Radiohead has an album for at least 4 distinct genres, with their blend of rock, industrial, prog, and electronica all coming together to create something far more than the sum of its parts. Rainbows was their non-studio release and it’s one of their best, giving you downtempo chill and uptempo invigoration. Thom Yorke has stated that he like cannabis but doesn’t use it religiously, while Ed O’Brien openly
admits to enjoying cannabis regularly, so while this isn’t an album from a classic cannabis-inspired band, it’s certainly one you can enjoy while using cannabis. They won’t mind.

The Wall – 1979, by Pink Floyd
Look, nobody needs to be convinced that Pink Floyd and cannabis go together hand-in-hand. The Wall is probably their greatest and most well-known album, and for good reason – it’s a trippy, incredible experience even when you’re sober. Though Dark Side of the Moon has more fame in the cannabis circle due to how it syncs up with the Wizard of Oz, The Wall is arguably the better album for “cannabis and chill”.

L.A. Woman – 1971, by The Doors
Jim Morrisson loved cannabis (and other drugs), but this album is so perfectly married to the calm and yet flowy rock that you would want while high that it stands alone. There are few bands that so openly explored cannabis and psychedelic use in the 70s as The Doors, and L.A. Woman exemplifies this. A tight album with rock that has the perfect amount of “space” in the lyrics and instrumentals, you’ll have a good time with this one.


Purple Haze – 1969, by Jimi Hendrix
While possibly not his most famous song, and probably not even about cannabis, this single is perfectly psychedelic. The way it flows is both calming and engaging, and it’s long enough to get immersed. Jimi Hendrix was a lover of cannabis and other psychedelics, and while this track isn’t explicitly about using these things, it certainly has that classic Jimi feel.

David Bowie – 1969, by David Bowie
Look, Bowie loved drugs, and cannabis was something he used regularly. While his early music was filled with discrete references and there was no doubt he didn’t mind being known for it, this particular album is a perfect dreamy exemplification of Bowie at his best. There are no jarring changes or difficult-to-follow songs; it’s all flowing, delicious rock from one of the greatest musicians of all time.


Anything by Willie Nelson, by Willie Nelson
While we could pick out a few songs or albums in this most prolific singer’s career, he’s not been shy about his love for herb ever. Every album is country music at its absolute best, unfiltered, emotional, relatable, and wonderful. Willie Nelson has been a cannabis advocate for decades and the single Everything’s Going To Pot from 2015 is a tribute to that lifelong love. Pick up a Willie album and enjoy it start-to-finish.

Strains that pair well with these albums:

Weʼve found that certain strains of cannabis work better for creative work, versus high-energy work, relaxing, sleeping, or simply vibing with friends. Most of these albums are great with creativity-inducing products, but some, like The Chronic, is amazing with energy-enhancing strains. Regardless of what mood or vibe you seek, DabsLabs has the perfect product for your needs. We offer high-quality, small-batch cannabis concentrates that are free from additives.

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