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A Cannabis License Plate Auction

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Vanity plates are a great way to tell other drivers what your family’s initials are, the things you like, or to display a cryptic word riddle. If one of the things you like is cannabis, then your vanity plate might be reflective of that – assuming somebody else didn’t beat you to the punch. As far as weed-themed license plate, the Colorado Disability Funding Committee jumped in front of everyone and secured some of the best available.

Don’t worry though; their foray into cannabis license plates was for a good cause. Let’s take a look at the first cannabis license plate auction, and why it’s an awesome thing.

What are cannabis license plates?

These plates are simply vanity plates that have cannabis-themed sayings, the way sports fans might have “Lakers” or something similar. In particular to this auction, the Colorado Disability Funding Committee picked out some very specific, fun slogans, including:

  • ISIT420 – We’re guessing “why can’t it always be 420” wouldn’t fit on the plate

  • TEGRIDY – A reference to Randy Marsh’s cannabis farm in South Park

  • BONG – Few words that sound like hitting a bell are as evocative of cannabis culture as this one

  • GREEN – To be fair, a few Hulk enthusiasts may have competed for this one

  • STASH – Not nearly as fun as the others, but still a great find if you’re into it

The Committee held the auction, which ended on 4/20, to raise money to help with access and assistance for disabled individuals. Additionally, the money will help develop new programs and innovative ideas to help make Colorado public areas more accessible.

Was the auction successful?

The auction was a (bong) hit, with over $43,000 raised for disability services in Colorado. The plates sold for:

  • $6,630 for ISIT420

  • $4,930 for TEGRIDY

  • $3,890 for BONG

  • $3,510 for GREEN

  • $1,860 for STASH

It’s clear the ones that were more popular, but the success of the auction overall will likely ensure it happens again next year. It will also likely draw in more interest, as the Committee did an auction for license plates in previous years that did well, too.

At this point, Colorado is pretty well-known for its thriving cannabis culture, and the success of this auction is just more proof of that. We’re hoping the next auction has even more plates, more fun, and more involvement. After all, though this event was silly, it did raise money for a great cause. It’s also one more entry in the history of cannabis in Colorado, which already has a rich tapestry of cannabis-positive progress.

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