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12 Days of Kushmas

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Happy Holidaze and Winter Bowlstice Akimbo gang!

“Oh the virus outside is frightful, but the weed is so delightful. And since we have no place to go, let’s get stoned, let’s get stoned, let’s get stoned.”

This has been a strange year, no doubt about that. With the holidays not quite hitting the same this year, what better way to spend your holidaze than with 12 days of dank kushmas deals? Swing by Standing Akimbo this month for some of our best pricing on all your favorite cannabis products. Our 12 Days of Kushmas runs from December 12th- 24th and features 4 fire deals which run for three days each. Plus, the first 100 people who spend over $250 get a free gift!

Tis’ going to be a very Merryjuana Christmas indeed. Check out the deals below and swing by Standing Akimbo any day of the week to get your kushmas essentials! We will be closing early on December 24th and closed on Christmas day.

December 12th-14th

$1.50 off all Craft carts

$5 off all carts $30 or more

December 15th-17th

$2.50 off all live resin grams under $30

$5 off all all live resin grams $30 or more

December 18th-20th


$25 1000 mg chocolates

$15 500 mg chocolates

$13 strawberry rhubarb fruit notes

$12 pineapple jalapeno fruit notes

December 21st-23rd

$40 grams of 14er Jamband Rosin

$25 Veritas 1/8th jars

$17.50 grams of in-house live resin

$75oz of select flower

December 24th

ALL DEALS RUN- we close at 3:00pm!

Weed wish you a Merry Kushmas Akimbo fam! See you soon!

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