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Your Top 5 Indica Options

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Are you always on the hunt for new and exciting remedies? From time to time, it might be necessary for us to switch up our consumption practices in order to keep our tolerance guessing! As many of you know, indica strains are great for anxiety, insomnia, pain, and relaxation. Here are 5 recommendations from Standing Akimbo’s knowledgable budtenders regarding the best Indica products in the store:


Incredible Indica Fruit Chews

300mg all natural, organic fruit chews. Gluten Free & Non-GMO available in cherry, green apple, and lemon. These sweet and sour flavors can help alleviate pain and promote relaxation, without tasting too much like marijuana. We would argue that these are some of the most potent gummies currently on the market! Our favorite flavor is Green Apple, find yours!

Bubba Kush


This bud ranges from pale green to purple and offers deep relaxation. The subtle, sweet flavors of chocolate will ease you into a happy tranquil state, while maintaining the heavy hit of the kush family. With around 18% THC on average with strong indica tendencies, this is the perfect sleepy-time bud.

Corleone Kush


A close relative to Pre-98 Bubba Kush, this dense flower is great for pain relief and insomnia. With hints of citrus, don’t be fooled by the light smell, the THC content of this strain is typically higher than most. In addition to the THC, Corleone Kush is also high in CBD. This one-two punch will leave you couch locked and ready for some munchies!

Ambrosia by Apothecary


This live resin ranges in texture from a sap-like sugar wax to a smooth budder. Ambrosia is produced with whole plant matter that has been cut, transported cold, and cryogenically frozen to retain as many of the terpenes as possible. This terpene retention makes this a super flavorful concentrate!

I Scream OG by Green Dot


As Full Spectrum and crystal sauces are exploding on the market, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t suggest this FSE! This black label Full Spectrum Extract is one of the more coveted concentrates currently in Colorado. Big cannabinoid crystals in a golden syrupy terp base, you can’t go wrong here.


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