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Why Live Budder’s Taking the Hash Scene By Storm

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Just one look at this live budder is enough to understand why this particular concentrate is becoming more and more popular. Live resin budder is crafted using whole cannabis flowers where the material is frozen instantly after harvest. By freezing the whole plant material, the natural degradation process of cannabinoids and terpene content stops, thus preserving the plant’s flavor and potency.

The whole, fresh frozen plant material is then processed and agitated into budder, creating a thick and smooth wax-like

consistency. While other hash processing methods, such as live resin sauce, also preserve the flavor and potency of the starting flower material, live budder seems to be at the forefront of hash trends now. In comparison to THCA diamonds and terpenes,

budder is a much easier texture to dab—its homogenous consistency is preferred among some hash connoisseurs.

Moreover, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that agitating concentrates makes the terpenes more available, which is why live

budder often smells so potent upon opening the container. Do you prefer live budder over other live resin consistencies?

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