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What is Microdosing?

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Less is More?

Here’s What You Should Know About Microdosing Cannabis.

By and large, cannabis users are frenzied over high THC potencies and achieving a big buzz. And while there is a time and a place for adequate cannabis consumption, imagine the possibility of receiving all the health benefits associated with cannabinoids without an overwhelming psychoactive effect. That’s where minimizing your dose of THC, or microdosing, comes into play. Microdosing is a practice typically associated with hallucinogens like LSD, but burgeoning research suggests that the threshold for the medical benefits of THC may be lower than many believe.

Why Microdose Cannabis?

Microdosing cannabis means you can reap the benefits of THC or other cannabinoids without an intense high that may interfere with daily activities. Michelle Ross, founder of IMPACT, an organization dedicated to finding cannabis-related treatment for patients, told Leafly: “Most people don’t know about microdosing. They just blast their system with cannabis or high amounts of THC, and that is not always the best approach for whatever condition they have.” And while some medical conditions call for higher doses of THC, other conditions, such as anxiety, may actually be onset by larger doses of cannabis.

Which Medical Conditions are Potentially Treated More Effectively with Microdosing?

According to Dustin Sulak—an osteopathic physician based in Maine who treats many of his patients with small doses of cannabis—microdosing lends itself to those managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain and depression. He recommends microdosing as a means to potentially improve focus and insomnia. In an interview with Leafly, Sulak mentions a 2012 study in which cancer patients were given a THC/CBD compound in low, medium and high doses. Those who received the lowest dose reported the greatest decrease in pain, while those who received a higher dose actually experienced more pain. Sulak uses daily cannabis microdosing as a key lifestyle regimen, stating, “I find that a sub-psychoactive dose of cannabis helps me stay healthy, reduce stress, and stay sharp and focused at work.”

Which Products are Best Suited for Microdosing?

As microdosing grows more popular among medical marijuana patients, companies are developing products to make the practice easier and more accessible. Regular cannabis users looking to microdose should consider a two-day abstinence period to restart the endocannabinoid system. While the beginning microdose will vary person to person, Sulak recommends starting with 2.5 milligrams, maintaining that dosage for a few days and increasing it as needed. “If you are building tolerance to THC, you are building tolerance to your body’s own cannabinoids, which are there for the purpose of promoting balance and health,” Sulak told Leafly. “So having a highly sensitive endocannabinoid system is extremely valuable for responding to illness, injury, and stress, and people can achieve that with low doses of cannabis.”While there are many options for microdosing cannabis, Standing Akimbo offers products designed specifically for low and accurate dosing. Incredibles manufactures a product they call Energizing Fruit Tarts, an edible that is ideal for microdosing at 5 mg of THC per tart. These tarts are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and triple-lab tested for potency, purity and safety.

Ask your friendly Standing Akimbo budtender about Incredibles’ tarts and microdosing today.

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