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Two New Must-Try Strains!

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Standing Akimbo is known for it’s small batch and properly cured cannabis. Take a look at what our budtenders have to say about our most recent flower drops!


Orange Cream is a fantastic indica leaning hybrid that keeps the active head high of Cookies and Cream and mixes it with the relaxing body relief of Orange Valley OG. The taste of both parent strains come through in Orange Cream, providing a slightly fruity and creamy profile, not too sweet of a citrus strain that is sure to please any palate.

Orange Cream has a great combination of indica and sativa effects, useable for relaxation and minor pain relief from its solid body high but still hybrid enough to spark creativity or allow you to stay active without feeling too sluggish.

All this plus solid bud structure and around 20% THC content and you’ve got the delicious and versatile strain that is Orange Cream.


Extreme Crème is one of the best looking buds on the shelf right now. With the best bag appeal and such a great smell this one is not to be overlooked. The smoke is extremely smooth and tasty with notes of Cream and earthy flavors. This Indica is unique because although it will have you couch locked it will have you focused which will make it perfect for playing video games. This strain is looking incredible and is only getting better on future batches that I have seen curing at the warehouse.

Stop by Standing Akimbo for a huge selection of flower! We currently have 24 Strains to choose from.


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