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Top Five Summer Strains of 2016

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Number Five—Bubba Kush

This classic indica strain has made a name for itself as a stress reducer. Among the more relaxing strains, Bubba Kush produces a strong, heavy body feeling with a euphoric head high. This strain induces feelings of happiness, leaving you giggly and sleepy. Bubba Kush’s smooth and delectable undertones of rich, bold flavor hit your tongue when you exhale. Its medicinal benefits include stress and pain relief.

Number Four—Sour Diesel

Like Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel is a classic. However, very unlike Bubba Kush, Sour D is a serious sativa with that gas-like, diesel aroma. It’s one of those “you know it when you smell it” strains. Sour D produces a high that will leave you feeling energized and uplifted. Sour Diesel is a must for medical patients as this strain is good for pain, stress relief, depression and fatigue.

Number Three—Jilly Bean

In 2014, Standing Akimbo won the High Time Cannabis Cup award for “Best Medical Sativa” with Jilly Bean. This strain is definitely special with its fruity aroma and sweet, fruity flavor. As a sativa, this strain will give you that boost you need to get you through the day.

The summery, citrusy notes in this bud are delectable and will make you feel happy. Jilly Bean is summer in a strain and perfect summer activities, like hiking and swimming. If you need a delicious little pick-me-up, Jilly is the way to go!

Number Two—Animal Cookies

This impressive hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG will blow away any seasoned smoker. Its medicinal benefits include muscle relaxation, which is great for pain. It also acts as a great stress reliever and reduces feelings of anxiety, appetite loss and insomnia. Animal Cookies will have you out on the couch with that “indica” body high and a strong sense of euphoria and relaxation. The right amount will have you feeling mellow with a clear head.

The aesthetic of Animal Cookies nuggets are delicate and colorful—bursts of orange, green and purple can be found throughout. Not to mention that the sweet smell of Animal Cookies holds true to its name. When you crack open your container of Animal Cookies, a lemony and earthy aroma fills the room. And the flavor is just as sweet!

Make sure you have some legit animal cookies on hand…or some chocolate chip cookies…or sugar cookies…or peanut butter cookies (honestly guys, we’re not here to judge what kind of cookies you like nor do we discriminate against any type of cookie). All we’re trying to say is that this strain will make you hungry so get your munchies ready. And if you want to bring us cookies, we welcome that whole-heartedly.

Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG? It’s no wonder Animal Cookies has made it to the top of our list!

Number One—Honey Banana

Honey Banana has been a fan favorite all summer long. This sweet strain is crossed with Strawberry Banana x Honey Boo Boo. It is sticky icky like honey and has a delicious, undeniable, and classic banana smell. Honey Banana will leave you feeling happy, euphoric and relaxed. Its relaxing properties make it a great anti-depressant and stress reliever.

Standing Akimbo’s Honey Banana is as potent and as it is tasty. Testing at 29 percent THC, this Honey Banana is second to none. DOPE Magazine recently reviewed our number one summer strain. Mia Jane writes:

“Opening a jar of Honey Banana from Standing Akimbo unleashes a sweet aroma that is akin to a strawberry banana smoothie. I had to take another deep inhale, while inspecting the delicately peaked nugs. Possessing a light, frosty green hue, the nugs’ delicate orange hairs give the strain a feathery texture. The flavor and effect are certainly not lightweight, this Honey Boo Boo and Strawberry Banana cross will have you happily relaxed. The thick smoke tastes of grape and berry topped with hints of citrus. The whopping 29 percent THC potency in this strain, seeped with a smooth body high, left me pleasantly focused but detached from daily stress.”

Photo By: Jena Schlosser

Freshly grown at Standing Akimbo, this Honey Banana is a staff and fan favorite. We could go on about why Honey Banana is the number one strain of Summer 2016, but we’ll just let this photo speak for itself:

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