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The Jillybean Cannabis Strain Review

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Bred by TGA Genetics, the Jilly Bean strain is a heavy-hitting hybrid stemming from the tasty combination of Orange Velvet and Space Queen.

Subcool, Odie Diesel, and the rest of the TGA team have created some of the most popular strains in America today, including Agent Orange, Mickey Kush, Jack The Ripper, Pandoras Box, Qleaner, Time Wreck, Vortex, and many more.

With that said, Mz Jill is personally responsible for one of the strains that TGA Genetics is best known for – the Jillybean strain.

Jillybean Strain

Orange Velvet X Space Queen

Let’s take a few seconds to look at the genetics to get a better understanding of why Jillybean tastes, looks, and hits the way it does. To begin, its genetics consist of the Orange Velvet strain, which is known more for its delicious creamy orange flavor. It’s said to have a taste reminiscent of orange creamsicles.

Orange Velvet is not known to be that potent or have strong effects, which makes it a very rare strain to find by itself today. Breeders typically mix it with other strains to bring out a better flavor and aroma in the plant. With that said, Orange Velvet can also add a mellow body buzz that is good for aiding with those pesky body ailments.

Also in the genetics of Jillybean, is the popular hybrid known as Space Queen. The Space Queen strain is a combination of the Romulan and Cinderella 99 strains.

All things considered, Space Queen is close to 50/50 hybrid itself. Add that to the citrus aroma and mellow body effects from the Orange Velvet strain and it starts to make a lot of sense why Jillybean is the way it is.

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