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The Infamous ChemDawg

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Newbies beware when smoking this strain for the first time! Chemdawg was named “The Strongest Strain on Earth” by High Times in 2016 for good reason after it tested 32.13% THC in the 2015 Cannabis Cup. While you won’t find that potency on store shelves, consumers can expect a range from 15-20% THC at any given time. It’s not hard to determine the Chemdawg strain, with it’s incredibly pungent diesel aroma. This hybrid offers a strong heady high, as well as, a heavy body buzz. While no one knows the exact cross that brought ChemDawg to life, many speculate that the original strain was a cross of a Nepali & Thai sativa and an indica.

But how did this strain get to be so potent?

Cannabis history buffs are unsure of the exact origin of this bud, but many stories point to it’s birth during the Grateful Dead tour of ’91. Interviews with members of the original exchange are vague but give us a little bit of insight into Chemdawg’s lineage. Chemdawg legend has it that a few growers from Crested Butte were being sent a strain called “Dog-Bud” from somewhere on the California-Oregon border.

We were getting pounds of it. It was some of the most incredible indoor that we had ever seen. The smell? You walked into a grocery store with a tiny bit in your pocket and the clerk was like, “did someone hit a skunk?” […] From what I heard, it was called Dog Bud because after you smoked it, it made you roll over like a dog. And “d-o-g,” not “d-a-w-g.” – P-Bud

High Times

A man they call Chem Dog purchased the flower from the Crested Butte boys in the Summer of ’91 and began to cross it with other strains. He eventually created one of the most popular strains in the world today, Sour Diesel.

I got one sack of the Dog Bud and thank god I did what I did. One became the original 91 cut. One became the Sister. I believe it was 2005, which was then Chem Dog D, which is still out there and very popular. Without the Chem Dog, there’d be no Sour. He will agree with that. From what I remember Joe telling me, he said some people called it Dog, some called it Chem. – Chem Dog


Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is believed to be a cross between Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. It retains the heavy diesel smell and positively affects stress, pain, and depression when used medically. There are other strains that people speculate may have originated from this lineage, such as OG Kush. The timing and location would put OG Kush in the prime position to be related to the original Chemdog or DogBud.

As mysterious as the lineage of ChemDog/ChemDawg is, it quickly become a noteworthy strain and has brought us some of the most delicious strains out there today.

If you’re looking to try ChemDawg, StarDawg, or Sour Diesel, Standing Akimbo has exceptional flower deals and would be happy to offer you more information and an in-person experience with this bud. It is not one to be missed!

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