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Stoner Valentine’s Day Dates

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Though notorious for forgetting things, stoners would do well to remember Valentine’s Day. A perfect opportunity to take your sweetie on a date that should set the standard for dates each year, Valentine’s Day can incorporate you and your partner’s love for cannabis as well. Consider fine dining while high or experiencing the freshness of a mountain trail on a relaxing hike, taking in the sights and sounds while elevated (in every sense of the word)!

Whether you’re adventurous, athletic stoners, or more mellow folx, we’ve put together some of the best dates for stoners on Valentine’s Day.

Stoner Valentine’s date ideas for high-energy couples

If you love to move around, exercise, or get out into nature, these date ideas will get your blood pumping and your heart thumping.

Go “high”king

Even if you don’t have a splendorous mountain vista near your home, if there’s a park or a wooded area near your city, you can go for a hike. You don’t need to burden yourself with packs and tents and all of that – just some sturdy boots, comfortable clothes, water, and probably snacks. Oh, and don’t forget the quality cannabis – something pungent, earthy, and Sativa-dominant matches perfectly with a woodland stroll.

Get in a good workout

Working out while high can make those last few miles on the treadmill seem effortless and fun, and depending on the strain, help you get in that last pump at the squat bar. Working out with a partner is always more fun, and when you’re done, all that increased blood flow might translate into a romantic Valentine’s romp. Aim for a Sativa-dominant strain so you’re energized and focused.

Try an amateur mukbang

So if you don’t know what a mukbang is, no worries – it’s a type of video where a person eats food on camera for an audience (usually a lot of food). They’re very popular on Youtube, and they’re even more fun with a partner. Go to your favorite restaurant, imbibe your favorite cannabis product, and then start your Youtube careers together while eating plates of your favorite food.

You might need to find a place that’s okay with you napping a bit afterward, though.

Relaxed-fit Valentines Day dates for stoners

Okay so often times you don’t want to do something high-energy for your dates, or while high – we get it. These are some more mellow, laid-back approaches to Valentine’s Day that will still have you and your partner romantically entwined, happy, and high.

Brunch in bed

Brunch slays all other meals – there’s literally nothing better than chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, coffee, mimosas, and whatever else you can heap into this breakfast/lunch hybrid. Speaking of hybrid, a mixed Sativa and Indica strain would be delicious here, perking you up but keeping things chill.

Smoke out under the stars

If you have a stretch of land near you that’s not filled with light pollution, marveling at the universe while high is an ancient tradition that’s awe-inspiring and romantic. Just, you know, don’t pass out in some random person’s field.

Netflix and chill

Everyone loves relaxing and watching Netflix, and most people like what can come afterward. Gather an array of snacks, pick a show to binge, and see where the night takes you. Especially if you’re in a place where February can mean terrible weather, it’s nice to stay in and just enjoy each other’s company.

Standing Akimbo has your Valentines Day date covered

If you’re going out and about or staying in and relaxing, Standing Akimbo has hash, flower, and edibles for every preference. Want to surprise your honey with some chocolate edibles? We carry chocolate bars by Shu-Met and Incredibles. Leaning more towards an incredible smoke? Our flower is some of the best in the Denver area and our Sativa, Jilly Bean, won “Best Sativa” in the 2014 Cannabis Cup.

Come see why Standing Akimbo stands above our competitors with small-batch, meticulously crafted cannabis products.

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