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Stoner Games To Try

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Stoners know how to have a good time. For whatever reason, cannabis users can find the fun in just about anything, and that includes making up games to pass the time. Just like with alcohol, there are some great stoners games that you may or may not have heard of but should definitely try.

Nobody wants to go into lockdown again, that’s for certain. If you do find yourself with an abundance of time inside for whatever reason, though, these stoner games will help you keep your spirits lifted.

Ash bomber

One of the oldest and easiest stoner games to play, you only need a few things to get the ball rolling:

The first thing is to wrap the paper around the lid of the cup, and use the rubber band to keep it in place, putting the penny in the middle of the paper.

From here, you light the joint and take a hit – while you hold the smoke in, you burn a small hole in the paper. Then, pass the joint and the next person does the same thing. This puff-burn-pass continues until the penny drops in the cup, and whoever causes that is the loser. Traditionally, it’s a truth-or-dare scenario that plays out when the penny drops, but you can play for whatever stakes you want.


This game requires a handful of people – at least 6 in most cases. Everyone needs something to smoke and you will arrange yourselves in a circle.

You all put your heads down and then have someone count to three. When the count is up, everyone looks up and stares at another person. If you are staring at someone who is also staring at you, you yell “Medusa” and you both take a hit.

This game can go on for a very long time, as it’s a lot of fun and you can get quite elevated. Since it requires a good number of people, it’s a great party game.

Video games

Though video games aren’t strictly “stoner” games, it can be quite fun to play ones that have a high dexterity component. Guitar Hero, Mortal Kombat, or any racing game are all significantly harder when stoned. This makes them a lot more fun, and they can be a blast with a big group.

Be prepared for a party

No matter what games strike your fancy, make sure you’re equipped for a fun night in with great cannabis products. At Standing Akimbo, we take our bud seriously – we’re owned and operated by cannabis enthusiasts and advocates. Our products aren’t just a business to us – they’re something we stand behind 100%.

Check out what we’re growing and selling – we’re certain that you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re playing a rousing game of Ash Bomber or just relaxing for the evening, Standing Akimbo has you covered.

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