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Picking Flowers

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Standing Akimbo is proud to offer some of the highest quality medical cannabis in Denver. Our flower is small-batch and perfectly cured in order to provide our customers with the best! We have a wide variety of strains, while always creating more, that are worth stopping in the store to see, smell, and smoke (at home!).

Here are some flowers you just shouldn’t miss:

Jilly Bean

Winner of the 2014 Cannabis Cup for “Best Sativa”, this is the quintessential strain for sativa lovers! A cross between Space Queen and Orange Skunk, it’s a perfect daytime smoke to stay active & productive. She has an intense mango flavor and fiery orange hairs that leave connoisseurs wanting more.

Current Shop Sativas: Sour Diesel

Cookies & Cream

A true 50/50 hybrid, this aromatic vanilla-flavored strain took home the 2014 Cannabis Cup for “Best Hybrid.” A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and StarFighter, you truly get the best of both worlds. Many choose this strain for its high THC content (up to 26%), as well as it’s perfect combo of a positive, heady high, & calming come down. This lady is absolutely covered in trichomes. You’ll have to come in and see for yourself!

Current Shop Hybrids: Golden Goat, White Diesel, StarDawg, Banana Split, Jilly Jesus 1

Blueberry Skunk

This Indica-dominant strain is a combination of Blueberry and Skunk #1. This plant is resinous and fruity, with a smell that lives up to its name, both skunky and berry sweet. This heavier hitting smoke has long-lasting effects that can induce giggle fits and some serious munchies! If you pick up this strain, make sure to make a snack run on the way home!

Current Shop Indicas: Golden Strawberry, Extreme Oranges, Citrus Berry, Grease Monkey

Standing Akimbo aims to maintain the highest quality medical dispensary while offering a wide range of flower, concentrates, topicals, edible and more! If you haven’t stopped by the shop in a while, come see what we’re up to! You can keep up with our LIVE MENU HERE!

We hope to see you soon!

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