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Why Medical Patients Still Matter

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In 2000, Colorado became one of the first handful of states to grant access to cannabis for many people with terminal and chronic illnesses. This change brought about dramatic shifts in health and the way pain and chronic conditions are viewed, as it helped make life enjoyable, eating possible, and living easier.

As access to legal recreational cannabis has increased across the country, medical patients have been forgotten in many areas. Though the law still protects their access and often provides reduced taxes, many brands and dispensaries are focusing less on the needs of medical patients.

Medical patients still matter, however, as their dignity and care are vitally important. Standing Akimbo and Medically Correct are still as committed to serving medical cannabis patients now as we were when we first started.


Standing Akimbo Started to Help the Medical Community

We are cannabis advocates, looking to the science of cannabis products and how they can and still do help people. Our products help customers live healthier, happier lives, cope with pain, and simply feel better.

Although recreational cannabis is increasing in record numbers, we choose to service those with medical cannabis needs. Every aspect of our service, from the budtenders to the growers, is designed to inform and direct the customer to the cannabis products that will help them the most.

Because recreational cannabis dispensaries are not as likely to be trained on how to help a medical patient choose which product is right for them, we focus on servicing the medical community’s continued and increasing needs.


Giving back to our customers

Standing Akimbo and Medically Correct are hosting a 4/20 sweepstakes and all you have to do is make an Incredibles purchase during April to get entered. Two randomly selected winners will receive a $1,250 Las Vegas travel voucher for flights, hotel, and entertainment on a weekend of their choosing. It’s a small way of saying thanks for choosing our business to help with your medical cannabis needs.


We Stand by Our Medical Cannabis Patients

Regardless of how accessible cannabis becomes to the public, there will always be a need for informed dispensaries, and brands like Medically Correct, to provide quality medical cannabis for all customers. We’re proud of our commitment to the medical cannabis community of Colorado.

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