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John Murphy: Meet the Man Behind the Bud

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Standing Akimbo cultivates some of the most renowned strains in Colorado, but a couple of our genetics truly stand out. It’s hard to think of Standing Akimbo without associating the name with our infamous Honey Banana or our Cannabis Cup winning Jilly Bean. In recent years, Standing Akimbo has become a household name in concentrates, but we believe that our cannabis is something special, and that shows in the quality of our in-house hash.

Quality cannabis starts in the grow. The man behind the bud, John Murphy, was born and raised in Connecticut, but moved to Colorado to grow medicine in 1999. John got his start in the industry by helping a friend who needed growing expertise. After consulting a friend with his grow, John decided to utilize his own cultivation skills by opening the canna-business we know and love today, Standing Akimbo. Since 2010, John has made a name for himself in the marijuana industry alongside friend and business partner, Spencer Kirson.

Over the past seven years, John’s had the opportunity to perfect his proprietary growing process. Of course, there are secrets

we can’t disclose, but we’ve recently incorporated a structured curing method to our harvesting process. We trim only the top

buds and apply a rigid curing method to those—the rest of the cannabis goes into hash. We’ve also implemented an automated

fertigation machine which enables us to water our entire grow with consistent nutrient application, consistent water amounts, and ultimately bigger and better production. In the past, we’ve focused on how quickly we could get the bud on the shelf and available to patients, so we would cut the buds off the stem while still wet and allow them to dry in nets. This process did not

give the bud a chance to cure long enough.

We’ve recently gone back to drying the buds while still on the stem, and once perfectly dried, they are placed into glass jars to begin the curing process. This process can last up to four weeks, during which time the jars are “burped” or open

and closed to retain and release moisture. The moisture content of the buds is meticulously tracked and measured. Thisprocess enhances the flavor, aroma and effect of cannabinoids.

Cookies & Cream

John’s process has yielded some of the finest cannabis sold on Standing Akimbo’s shelves to date. Don’t miss Cookies & Cream this month; between the tightness of the bud, the beautiful green, purple and white colors and the hearty cream aroma, Cookies & Cream is a bud above the rest.

John works to create the best and most consistent product for Standing Akimbo’s patients, and takes pride in helping individuals

with some very debilitating illnesses. Standing Akimbo’s medical cannabis is better than the shop down the road because of the care and attention to detail that’s put into every single plant and patient.

Cannabis Curing in Jars

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