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Finding Your Preferred Method of Cannabis Consumption

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So, with cannabis consumption, pretty much all roads lead to Rome, but it’s up to

you to find the route that suits you the best. The cannabis industry has blossomed

over the last few years with more states going “weed-legal,” so product

developers have garnered the amazing ability to go full-on creative with creating

new stuff for consumers. But, because of all the options, choosing how you want

to consume cannabis can be a little daunting. No worries, though, we’re here to

help you pro/con your way to picking the best consumption methods for you.

Ways to Consume Cannabis with Pros and Cons



Flower, bud, herb—call it what you like but it’s all the same. Flower from cannabis

is most often smoked, either in a rolled joint, a pipe, a bong, or some kind of

smoking device. For years, flower has been the most common consumption

method and the one method most are familiar with.


  • Simple consumption process involving firing the flower in some way and

  • inhaling the smoke

  • Less messy than something like wax

  • Wide range of flower to try from the many strands of cannabis

  • Kicks in rather quickly (between 2 and 10 minutes)


  • Not the most discreet way to consume cannabis

  • Inhaling the burning smoke may have ill effects

  • Can require additional accessories (rolling papers, pipes, etcetera)


Shatter, budder, wax, crumble—all of these are examples of concentrates.

Concentrates are processed cannabis that hold higher amounts of desirable

compounds like certain cannabinoids or terpenes.


  • Greater potency with less product

  • A diverse range of products to try

  • Numerous ways to use concentrates (e.g. vaporizing or using a dab rig)

  • Quicker onset of effects, sometimes immediately, and effects may last longer


  • Some concentrates require special equipment to use

  • Higher potency can lead to undesirable effects for an inexperienced user that uses too much

  • Effects may not last as long as some methods


Technically, carts (cartridges) could be lumped in with concentrates because the

prefilled cartridges are filled with some type of concentrated cannabis oil. Carts

can be found in a range of potency levels and offer a more concentrated way to

consume cannabis using a vaporizer pen or device.


  • Inconspicuous way to use cannabis (no major smell, no pipe required, etcetera)

  • Can be more potent and require fewer puffs than smoking traditional flower

  • May be considered a cleaner way to “smoke” cannabis

  • Kicks in quickly


  • Must make sure carts come from a reliable manufacturer and are free from harmful agents

  • Carts involve more waste than some of the more typical consumption methods

  • Fewer flavor varieties than flower


The world of edible cannabis products has grown by leaps and bounds. You can

find everything from gummies and lollipops to delectable gourmet options like

brownies and cookies. A lot of other products fall into the edibles category as well,

such as cannabis sprays that go in your mouth and tinctures you drop under your



  • Awesome and delicious selection of products to try

  • Discreet way to consume cannabis

  • Can find a range of potency levels

  • Effects can last up to 24 hours


  • Can take longer to kick in (around 30 to 60 minutes)

  • Digestion process is extremely different from one person to the next, so edibles can affect everyone in different ways

  • Can hit a lot harder than expected

Start Low and Slow Regardless of Consumption Method


Tolerance for the components of cannabis can vary from one person to the next,

and the nature of consumption can change the end effects and the degree to

which they are felt. You don’t want to go all-in with a new cannabis product and

have a bad experience. Start with lower potencies than what you think you’re

going to be good with, give yourself time to reach the full effects, and then

consume more if you feel you need to.

Don’t rely on secondhand info for guidance with a new cannabis product. Your

buddy may be fine with a high-milligram edible, but that doesn’t mean you will.

Another thing to note, the milligrams of potency levels with cannabis can hit

differently depending on what you consume. For example, you may be able to do a

10mg dab all day and get what you want, but chomping down on a 10mg edible

brownie may send you somewhere you didn’t intend to go.

Stay Safe, Stay Smart, Stay Legal


Cannabis consumption can bring about a lot of benefits and advantages, but it is

something that should be taken seriously just the same. Regardless of your

consumption method, you must stay safe. Know exactly what you are taking or

using before doing so, stay home or safely at a friend’s house until the effects

have fully worn off, and follow local laws about cannabis use.

Cannabis Consumption: It’s All Good But Find What’s Right for You

By Experimenting


When it comes down to it, there’s really no wrong way to consume cannabis, but

every avenue has its perks, and not every route of consumption works for

everybody. If you’re looking for a new avenue of cannabis consumption, try one

of these or ask our Medical Cannabis Experts at Standing Akimbo for a


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