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Marijuana and the Baby Boomer Generation

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Legalized pot is an idea Americans are warming up to ― almost two-thirds, 64 percent, approve of it, according to a Gallup poll from last October.

But while pot smokers are typically portrayed as young hipsters, oldsters may actually be the fastest growing weed-using demographic, many marijuana industry insiders tell HuffPost. Turns out, all those senior citizens who tried pot in their hippie days are now toking, er, taking advantage of changing cannabis laws and better quality control of marijuana. John Sudderth, a Colorado dispensary owner, said senior citizens are the next budding market.

However, baby boomers have changed their pot habits since the Woodstock era, Sudderth said.

“We believe this demographic consumes less frequently than average. They like to take smaller doses, also,” he said.

Many people who smoked back in the day gave it up, partially because they feared legal consequences. But legalization, as well as pot strains bred for “consistent and repeatable effects” means oldsters are now less hesitant to try cannabis, Sudderth said.

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