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These are the Women to Get Inspired by This Year

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A Q&A featuring @cannabananaa

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey with cannabis.

I definitely tried cannabis as a youngster, but it didn’t really hold any significance for me at that time. I was inundated with propaganda about how bad it was and how I wouldn’t go anywhere if I smoked. I rediscovered cannabis later in life when I began to struggle with my mental health and it completely showed me a new side to this magical plant. It wasn’t scary, it wasn’t a dead-end; it was a life lived more fully.

How would you describe your image and style?

It’s curious, bright, artistic, natural, colorful, inviting, and delicate. I’ve always tried to showcase cannabis as something that you don’t need to fear. It’s just an herb, very approachable and useful in so many ways.

When did you start creating cannabis-related content? Which social media platform is best for showcasing your creative work?


I’m an Instagram girl, but be on the lookout for video content from me this year! Anyhow, I began creating [cannabis content] about two years ago. I had a sunflower field in my backyard with flowers taller than me. One day I snipped a few and began playing with them in the gravel and, honestly, the rest is history. I started creating FLOWERPLAY, my art form of flat-lying flowers around cannabis, and it really took off from here. I started with flat-lays, then flower crowns, and eventually, that flowed into me not only taking photos but posing in them as well.

How has legalization impacted your career and content opportunities? Do you believe that work still needs to be done in terms of cannabis advocacy?

Oh man, 100%! My family is still really divided on the topic of cannabis—some recognize its potential while others still deem it a dangerous drug. There is a lot of work to be done on the public’s perspective considering we still have individuals incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis-related charges. We need to fight harder now more than ever to ensure legislation is passed that gives equal access to anyone who needs cannabis. Get informed, participate in elections, keep spreading awareness and get involved on the local level!

Walk us through your creative process: How much work really goes into cannabis content creation?


For a FLOWERPLAY moment, I grab flowers that inspire me, come home and find the perfect music to play. From there the vision just flows from my mind and hands and I’m creating! I do all sorts of arrangements and styles depending on which product I’m creating around (flower, concentrate, edible.) It’s important for me to work with companies who are bringing quality products to the market. I’m always concerned with: Does the product make sense for a cannabis user? Is it user-friendly? Does the cost make sense and is it high quality?! I never want to promote just another vape or tincture. I want to show you the products that will elevate your experience and enhance your life.

Do you have any advice for those who want to monetize their Instagram accounts and grow a following by creating cannabis content?


Be AUTHENTIC and share your actual experiences with cannabis. That’s the most marketable thing ever. I can definitely tell when people are promoting products only for a paycheck and that just doesn’t jive with me!


Shameless plug time! Tell us about any existing or future projects our readers should definitely check out and where they can find you online:


Aww shucks, thanks, guys! Keep your eyes peeled for more FLOWERPLAY. You can purchase my prints (& even have custom framing) for your home/office at! Follow me over @cannabananaaa for all things cannabis-related, skincare, makeup, and just about everything in between. Let’s do life together. Until next time friends, have a lovely dayyyy!

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