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A Social Smoke Dilemma

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We’ve been waiting since November 2016 for Initiative 300 to come into effect in Denver. Initiative 300 was passed to allow public consumption of Cannabis in Denver city limits, however it’s taken nearly two years for legislation to be finalized for license approval. While limitations are still under negotiation, progress is being made. Applications are pending for a one year Cannabis Consumption Establishment License that allows an existing business to allot part of its space to cannabis consumption and then must reapply yearly to retain the license. Designated Consumption Areas (DCA) only allow patrons 21 and up to enter and are not allowed to sell marijuana or marijuana products on premises. Additionally, food and alcohol sales are not permitted on the same premises as a DCA.

The current restrictions for finding a suitable consumption space is one of the biggest obstacles that applicants are facing. Originally, the bill included a zoning restriction forbidding DCAs within 1000ft of a school and further restrictions have been added since.

Current zoning restrictions for Cannabis Consumption Establishments & Cannabis Consumption Special Events state that the space may not be within a 1000ft straight line from property line to property line of the following places:

  • Any School

  • Any Child Care Establishment

  • Any Drug or Alcohol Treatment Center

  • Any City-Owned Recreation Center or Outdoor Pool

Or Operate Within:

  • Any School

  • Any Childcare Facility

  • Any Drug or Alcohol Treatment Center

  • Any Establishment with a Liquor License

  • Any License Marijuana Establishment

  • Any Property of the City

  • A Number of Residential & City Zones

Read the full bill here.

This creates a very small area that applicants must choose from within the city and these restrictions alone are greatly limiting opportunities for a consumption friendly space.

One establishment was able to squeeze through the process early on this year and achieve licensure, The Coffee Joint. Located on South Broadway, this first cannabis club & coffee house offers a consumption-friendly space for vaping flower, oil, wax, shatter, live resin, etc and consuming edibles. You can also find all of your smoking necessities on site like papers, pipes, vaporizers, nectar collectors, CBD products, and snacks. Due to the Clean Air Act in Colorado, open flames are restricted as a “combustible”, so leave your blunts, bowls, and bongs at home. Dabbing extracts is permitted within the shop because they offer e-nails for anyone wanting to consume on site. Their website states “You can roll your product here but you cannot light it up.” Entry is $5 to bring your own product but they do offer complimentary coffee and tea, and host regular pop-ups by local cannabis brands. They offer educational events, games, coloring, foosball, and are even pet-friendly, if your dog is well-behaved!

We’re looking forward to seeing the new changes within legislation regarding public cannabis consumption in Denver! Won’t it be great when you can get out of your living room & meet your buddy at the local coffee shop to light up? You know where to get your goods once it happens, Standing Akimbo is always here for all of your medical marijuana needs!

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